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About me

I welcome all aspects of who you are into the therapy room—your struggles, fear, passions, beliefs, and spirituality. I will help you utilize the values, strengths and skills you already possess to help you break free from impeding thoughts to become the strongest version of yourself. I primarily use CBT and ACT to address stress, anxiety, depression, and improve self-confidence.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I work with couples, families, and individuals. Family relationships can be the most rewarding and long-lasting. Sometimes additional support is needed to help relationships flourish. I work with teens 10 and older to develop coping skills, strengthen parent-child relationships and help families increase resilience. Growing up can be so tough! In addition to individual or family therapy, I facilitate DBT groups for teen aged girls 12-18 and also for adults. In couples therapy I utilize EFT to help couples repair the bonds strained from miscommunication, betrayal, disengagement, or unmet needs. I also delight in serving premarital couples as they prepare for a successful marriage.

I received my BS in Psychology from Brigham Young University and my MAS in Marriage and Family Therapy from Arizona State University. I am married and the mother of a beautiful little girl. I love what I do because I love people and I hate misery. “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional,” Haruki Murakam. Seeing my clients heal is exceptionally satisfying. I care about the pain you’re facing—whether it’s grief and loss, relationship/family issues, or intrapersonal distress, I will walk with you in your journey. Healing awaits.


  • $150 for a 45 minute session.
  • $300 for a 90 minute session.


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